Company Profile
    Nanjing Solglass Science & technology Co.,Ltd is a technology-based entrepreneurial enterprise which was established in 2006.
    Our company focus on solar glass researching and producing, with membership of China architectural & industrial glass association PV glass branch; it mainly produces 3.2mm,4mm etc different thickness low-iron pattern tempered glass of over 91.6% light thansmissivity, back-sheet glass for thin film cells, AR coated glass, solar thermal mirror. It has 35000sqm land with total capacity of 7 million sqm yearly. Our products are widely applicated at solar plants, road lamps, grass lamps, BIPV curtain wall, solar thermal plants etc.
    It has passed the ISO9001-2008 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, and CE certification. With advantage of technical ,people, and service, we will do our best to serve our clients, our goal it to be a technical advanced, environmental friendly, and service advanced enterprise.
    We supply for China Sunergy (NASDAQ: CSUN), DAQO Group (NYSE: DQ), Sharp, Phono Solar, Sunrain, Sainty, Tianwei, Jinko Solar ect.

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  • Mr.Lu
  • International Sales Representative
  • Mobile No: +86-18915930667
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  • skype: lujchuan

  • Tel: +86-25-56213276 Fax: +86-25-56610687
  • Address: No.28 East TuanShan Road,Lishui Economic Development Zone,Nanjing, China
Solar glass is the combination of solar and glass technologies. Glass windows coated with a low-emittance (low-E) coating block radiant heat transfer. This lowers the amount of heat that passes through a window. Depending on energy needs, different types of low-E coatings allow for high, moderate, or low solar gains. Solar glass is often used to lower energy costs. Solar glass with high solar gain is best suited to windows in cold climates. Low solar gain, or spectrally selective, low-E glazings are more beneficial for buildings and homes in warm climates. These products reduce heat loss in cold weather, yet also reduce heat gain in hot weather. Spectrally selective solar glass out-performs most tinted and reflective glazings. The level of visible light let in is high in proportion to the amount of heat reduction. For climates that require both heating and cooling during different seasons, all levels of low-E coating can result in lower annual energy bills. Solar glass is practical for windows, doors, and skylights. Commercially, it is used for the top surfaces of thermal collectors and photovoltaic modules. The appearance of solar glass is colorless, but can be patterned for optimal solar energy transmission. High-performance glass products are used across many industries. Recent advances in solar glass include laminated products that boost solar power. This concentrating solar power (CSP) reflectivity provides efficiency and durability. Solar specialists are benefiting from advances in window technology. Communication between the two professions results in high-performance solar glass. The use of solar glass in architectural applications is key in today's energy-conscious economy.